Class Participation: Improve your participation grades!

Borrowing from Prof. Libby Clarke’s class, students in my classes can improve their participation scores by contributing to my blog.  Make comments, give feedback, and tell us about things that you have learned about the web outside of class. Look for posts that begin “Class Participation”, and you can add to your participation score. Don’t forget to identify yourself, either publically, or make up a profile name, and email your identity secretly.

Design Inspiration Sites

When starting a new design project, I always like to look around at what is happening on the cutting edge of web design.  On the edge you will find the use of the newest technologies. These designers experiment with the latest tools and techniques in graphics software. There you will find trends in aesthetics, branding and marketing.

Here are a list of a few sites I like to visit for web design inspiration:

Be sure to look at the logos, typeface, colors, and formatting of the ones you like. Distinguish between Flash and CSS sites. Watch for animation, interactivity, and functionality. View/Page Source and try to figure out how it’s built. Happy designing!