Homework for ADV3550 Web Page Implementation Monday Morning

Following the class after Prof. Wong was out sick, the students of ADV3550 Web Page Implementation Monday morning should spend the week finishing off the flat designs they are planning on using for their final portfolio site project.  You should continue to edit the pages, and write the content that you are using for your site.  You should also be gathering images of your design work which will be showcased on this site.

Be prepared to review with the class your finalized designs.  We will be discussing how to approach building each design.  Bring in jpg images that can be shown onscreen, that we can talk about, and deconstruct.

Also, I am grading for midterms this week.  You have until Thurs evening to email me any outstanding homework assignments you have not turned in.  If you are not happy with your current grades, please feel free to resubmit improved homework.

Here are the current homework assignments, to date:

  1. Register domain name, and sign up with a hosting service
  2. 3 logo designs, and 3 interface designs
  3. Create an underconstruction page, and finalize one design for your site
  4. Build out a sample portfolio site, as we had started in class using the Dreamweaver: 2-column-fixed template. Write content for home, bio, resume, and contact pages. Make sure each page has a different title. Email link to live sample portfolio site.
  5. Complete graphics page exercise that was taught in class. Email homework as a link to a live page. Add graphics to sample portfolio site worked on in homework #4.

If you have any questions, please email me, and put “Question” in the subject line.

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