Writing for the Web

Here is a video that gives an interesting perspective on writing for the web, and how one might improve writing style and interactivity to improve conversions.
source: https://moz.com/blog/how-to-write-for-the-web-a-new-approach-for-increased-engagement-whiteboard-friday

Midterm Requirements: Due Monday April 8

Due Friday, March 22, 2012 this week’s report reviews. Submission is via the shared Google Directory.

Every team should review the reports  (as pdf comments) of the other teams’ report. Therefore each team must review 4 reports, and your team should receive 4 reviews from other teams. These reviews must be submitted by the end of day, Friday, March 22. File naming convention: websiteReport-TeamReviewerName.pdf.

Due on Monday, April 8, 2013 Midterm:

  1. Final report from team, with suggested changes incorporated from other teams (submitted via Google directory). Only make changes you feel improve the report. The report should be no longer than 5 pages, and no shorter than 4 pages, single spaced. All elements are required as specified by Report1requirements.rtf found in the shared Google Directory.
  2. Rating, on a scale 1-5 of team participants. Include a rating of yourself. Every rating should include comments on the quality of other participants, and details of their contribution. This rating should be emailed to me at dan@dan-wong.com with Analytics Team Ratings in the subject line. Ratings of other members is confidential. Every student should rate every other student on their team.
  3. Each student should list the number and submit the post titles of the blog posts they have written. Include access to Google Analytics for team project should also be submitted. User: dan@dan-wong.com

Any questions should be emailed to me, with QUESTION in the subject line. There should be sufficient time for review and response to questions. Lack of a quick response is not a sufficient reason for non-compliant midterm submissions. Contact your team members for clarification on the requirements.