Homepage Grading Assignment

This homework assignment is due by the end of day, Saturday, March 26, 2010. Students are asked to assess the quality of the work in the following categories:

  • Logo design
  • Use of typography
  • Layout
  • Overall style and design, and appropriateness for the topic and audience
  • Proper use of semantic html and css

Comments are required for every homepage created. You are not required to make comments in all categories for every design. But you must make comments in at least one category per design. You must also have at least 3 comments per category. For instance, you must comment on at least 3 logo designs, the typography in at least 3 homepages, 3 layouts, etc.

You also need to rank the designs of the homepages, from best to least-best, and be sure to include your own homepage designs in the list.

If you have difficulty understanding these instructions, first ask students in your design group for guidance.  If you are still unsure of the instructions, then contact me.

Download the spreadsheet here: web3homepages