Test Questions

  1. Name 1 block element.
  2. Name 1 inline element.
  3. What is the difference between an inline element and a block element?
  4. What is the difference between an ID and a CLASS? When is it appropriate to use each?
  5. Describe and/or write the code for an inline style.
  6. Describe and/or write the code to link an external stylesheet.
  7. Describe and/or write the code for an embedded style.
  8. What is a contextual selector?
  9. What is a class selector?
  10. What is a child selector?
  11. What is a sibling selector?
  12. Describe 1 technique to center a layout in a browser.
  13. Describe the differences between a fixed and liquid layout.
  14. Describe a technique to position 2 columns so they sit next to each other.
  15. Write the css code that will force a block element (e.g., div) to fall below a series of floated block elements?
  16. What is the most important tag on a page for search engine optimization?
  17. Describe why duplicate content is a concern for search engine spiders?
  18. Describe one strategy to resolve a duplicate content issue.
  19. Describe when it best to use the “font-weight:bold” style, when it is best to use an <h2> tag, and when it is best to use the <strong> tag.
  20. Write the css and html for a 3-column fixed layout. You must specify a header, footer, main content, secondary content, sidebar.
  21. Write the css and html for a 2-column liquid layout. You must specify a header, footer, main content, sidebar.


Web Design and Social Media for Artists at the Robert Blackburn Printimaking Workshop


This fall, I will holding web design and social media workshops at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts.

Professional websites and marketing using social media are necessary to maximize an artists exposure on the web. The technical aspects of the web, what are some best practices, and the ways to ensure maximal exposure while maintaining personal privacy are just some of the topics where artists may have questions when approaching the internet.

These workshops are aimed at both artists who are creating websites for the first time, trying to understand how social media is used to market ones art, and also for those who may have been using the web for some time but want to understand how to improve their site and online professional profile.

Web Design for Artists 

Instructor: Dan Wong
September 24 – October 1
2 sessions: Tuesdays
6:30 – 9:00 pm
Class fee: $115  members / $155 non-members

Social Media for Artists

Instructor: Dan Wong
October 8
1 session: Tuesday
6:30 – 9:00 pm
Class fee: $75 (both members and non-members)

Kionic Web Design Awards: Fall 2010

In preparation for the new semester which is just around the corner, I want to present the winners of last semester’s Kionic Web Design Awards, Fall 2010.  Thanks to: Maria Giuliani, Genevieve Hitchings, Michelle Barfoot, Nina Young, Libby Clarke, Louisa McCabe, Nicole Rose, for carefully reviewing the websites.

And a special thanks to Jayme and Chris Marks at Kionic for their continued support of the awards and the students during the semester.

Most Promising New Web Designer, Fall 2010

Winner: Fernando Dorado http://fdorado.com/index.html

Honorable mentions: Alfredo Lopez http://alfredolopez.net/ ,  Stephanie http://www.stephavenue.com/


Best Website, Fall 2010:

Winner: Emely Perez http://www.meetthepros.us/

Honorable mention: Keiko Nakayama  http://www.thediycandy.com/ ,  Anastasiya Kladova http://doodlegum.com/index.html , Solomon Doley http://sikenation.com/index.html

Fidel Frias  http://nysportshype.com/index.html
SangMi Lim  http://www.tonyan.org/

Join the ADGA Facebook Group

Professor Davis and I have started a Facebook Group for the students of ADGA. This will give you the opportunity to contact fellow students, faculty, and find opportunities. We encourage prospective students, as well as companies who are looking to hire, to join the group, and learn more about the people who contribute to our very creatively active department at CityTech. Follow the link below, to find it on Facebook.

ADGA Facebook Group