Final Project Requirements: Analytics Course

The following items must be submitted to receive your final course grade. They are due in the final class.

  1. Access to Analytics data.
  2. Screenshots of social media sites including information about followers, tweets, posts, likes, analytics for all sites including: Feedburner, AddThis, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Klout, etc.
  3. Spreadsheet list of all posts written by you.
  4. Review/ranking/details (confidential) of the performance of your team members.

Advanced Web Strategies ADV4850: Work for Hybrid Class 1

The work for this week is to complete all pages for the major project.  Every section should have at least one completed page, with appropriate content written. Every page should be search-engine-optimized, and have a distinctive title.

All comments given to you by Prof. Harper for the last homework assignment should be reviewed, and changes should be made as directed. At this point, students should have determined how their project site is going to have dynamically loaded content. This is a requirement for the final project, and lacking a dynamic aspect will result in a failing grade.

Be prepared to present your project in class, and discuss your design approach, and the technologies used on the site.

Please email me your homework from last week (implementation of a lightbox slide show) as a link to a live page by Tuesday, Nov 4.