What is an ISP?


I wanted to ask you why do we need a ISP service?  What does ISP service mean?  Is godaddy or kionic an ISP service?  Is godaddy the same thing is kionic??  And I was wondering do we have to sign up with kionic or could I sign up with godaddy instead kionic?


An ISP is an Internet Service Provider. Both Godaddy and Kionic are ISPs. ISPs host your website, and offer software and services, such as email accounts, spam filtering software, and blog software support. We will be implementing these in the course. The packages that each ISP offers will differ in terms of price, services, and quality of customer care offered.
I am currently recommending Kionic for multiple reasons. I have used them for a number of years, and I find their quality of service is very good and consistent. The price that they offer is quite competitive. And I am creating a relationship with them for us as a group, so if we as a class run into problems, they will work quickly to fix those difficulties. Should their services be unsatisfactory, either individually or as a group, it allows you/us to go elsewhere.
You can sign up with any ISP of your choosing.  The school also offers server space to students. I will be teaching the course based on the services that I know Kionic offers.  Particularly, they offer easy-install WordPress, which is blogging software.  If you choose another ISP and have technical difficulties implementing blogging software, or email accounts, for instance, my ability to solve your problems will be limited.  It will be your account, and the other company may not be as responsive to your technical difficulties. I will not have any influence to step in on your behalf.
One of the goals of the course is to offer real world experiences in all aspects of web design. Managing a vendor, like an ISP, and implementing technology through an administrator interface are an important experiences. They will be great talking points when you are interviewing for a job at a small, medium, or large company, or if you decide to run your own design firm.