Kionic Web Design Awards: Fall 2010

In preparation for the new semester which is just around the corner, I want to present the winners of last semester’s Kionic Web Design Awards, Fall 2010.  Thanks to: Maria Giuliani, Genevieve Hitchings, Michelle Barfoot, Nina Young, Libby Clarke, Louisa McCabe, Nicole Rose, for carefully reviewing the websites.

And a special thanks to Jayme and Chris Marks at Kionic for their continued support of the awards and the students during the semester.

Most Promising New Web Designer, Fall 2010

Winner: Fernando Dorado

Honorable mentions: Alfredo Lopez ,  Stephanie


Best Website, Fall 2010:

Winner: Emely Perez

Honorable mention: Keiko Nakayama ,  Anastasiya Kladova , Solomon Doley

Fidel Frias
SangMi Lim

Advanced Web Design: Student Web Sites Fall 2008

Web Page Implementation: Student Sites Fall 2008