COMD3551 Web II: Advanced HTML & CSS

Instructor: Dan Wong, url:


Course Description

Advanced web design is a continuation of COMD2451 Web I, a prerequisite of this course.

The aim of this course is to master the skills of HTML/CSS and utilize them to establish strong design techniques for effective typesetting, layout, interface design, and information presentation via the web on any device.


Attendance Policy

Attendance is taken and is important to success in this class. Both absences and arrival more than 15 minutes after the start of class will be marked. If excessive, the instructor will alert the student that he or she may be in danger of not meeting the course objectives and participation expectations, which could lead to a lower grade.


Academic Integrity

Students and all others who work with information, ideas, texts, images, music, inventions, and other intellectual property owe their audience and sources accuracy and honesty in using, crediting, and citing sources. As a community of intellectual and professional workers, the College recognizes its responsibility for providing instruction in information literacy and academic integrity, offering models of good practice, and responding vigilantly and appropriately to infractions of academic integrity. Accordingly, academic dishonesty is prohibited in The City University of New York and at New York City College of Technology and is punishable by penalties, including failing grades, suspension, and expulsion.


90% = Course projects/assignments
Project 40%
Homework 15%
Midterm project 10%
Quiz 25%

10% = Class preparation/participation/attendance
CP/P/A 10%

Recommended text:

HTML & CSS: Design and Build Web Sites
Jon Duckett
Publisher: Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated ISBN-13: 9781118008188

Flexible Typesetting
Tim Brown, A Book Apart, 2018. “ISBN: 978-1-937557-71-3”

Other Resources:,

Class 1: Course description; concept and design.
Homework: Conceptualize the project site. Write up a small description. Select domain 3 viable options. Research ISPs. Submit for homework.


Class 2: Class critique of concepts. Research, content development and keywords determination. Begin design process. Introduction to the c-panel admin interface.
Homework: Create 3 alternate logos. Be prepared to present the designs. Submit for grade.


Class 3: Mood boards. Site architecture, organization, and navigation. Research investigations.
Homework: Site map, wireframes, finalized design. Submit for grade.



Class 4: Inclusive design, accessibility, and universal usage.
Homework: Begin the design process with a universal audience in mind.


Class 5: Page layout. Understanding how elements are used to construct a page.
Homework: Build 3 different wireframe layouts of a page. Submit links for grade.


Class 6: The box model. Understanding how web pages are styled.
Homework: 2-week assignment: design and layout development with CSS positioning.


Class 7: Web typography. Selecting and manipulating type to create documents that are quick to interpret and easy to consume.
Homework: Continue 2-week assignment. Be prepared to present design in class.


Class 8: The box model continued. Learning in detail how to position elements on a page. How to style fonts and text.
Homework: Complete 2-week assignment. Submit for grade.


Class 9: CSS in depth. How the cascade works. Using selectors, styling tags, selectors, classes and IDs. Controlling style like a professional.
Homework: Complete exercises in CSS.


Class 10: Layout revisited. How to control positioning to create an elegant structure. Planning for responsive designs and accessible content.
Homework: Complete exercises in page layout. Study for Quiz.


Class 11: Developing content. Marketing copywriting. targeted landing pages. Using semantic structure to define elements.
Homework: Write list of keywords/keyword phrases appropriate for each page on the site. Integrate keywords in copy for all pages on site. Submit for grade.


Class 12: Introduction to PHP includes.
Homework: Implement PHP includes on final project site.


Class 13: Studio. Attendance is required.
Homework: Working session. Individual instructor-student review of project. Answering technical questions.


Class 14: Working with Forms. Creating Forms and implementing form validation scripts. Proper use of Tables.
Homework: Complete form assignment. Complete tables assignment.


Class 15: Class Critique of students’ final project

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