This Week’s Online Mobile Web Class

This week, Thursday runs as a Tuesday schedule. I will be at a conference, and it will be an online class. You can do this assignment anytime before our next class on Tuesday, February 19.
The tasks for this week will be as follows:
I’ve uploaded a video of Jonathan Stark’s presentation in Montreal in 2010. You can also find the video in 3 parts on YouTube titled: Jonathan Stark keynote at Web-in Montreal 2010 (part 1 of 3).
Watch the video(s). Be prepared to discuss the following in the next class:

  • What has changed in the mobile landscape since Mr. Stark first gave this presentation?
  • Describe his “fishbowl theory”
  • How realistic are his predictions about the direction in which mobile is going?
  • Now that we’re 3 years out from when he gave his presentation, what predictions can you make about where mobile is going?
  • What questions would you ask a client if they came to you asking for a mobile app?


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