Kionic Awards Spring 2011

Congratulations to all the students whose work has been shortlisted for this semester Kionic Awards. The candidates for the Kionic Award for Most Promising New Designer are:

The award goes to Michael Lockwood for

The candidates for the Kionic Award for Best Web site 2011 are:

The award goes to Anastasiya Kladova for her website on AntiArt: Dada, Surrealism, and Pop.

Kionic Web Design Awards: Fall 2010

In preparation for the new semester which is just around the corner, I want to present the winners of last semester’s Kionic Web Design Awards, Fall 2010.  Thanks to: Maria Giuliani, Genevieve Hitchings, Michelle Barfoot, Nina Young, Libby Clarke, Louisa McCabe, Nicole Rose, for carefully reviewing the websites.

And a special thanks to Jayme and Chris Marks at Kionic for their continued support of the awards and the students during the semester.

Most Promising New Web Designer, Fall 2010

Winner: Fernando Dorado

Honorable mentions: Alfredo Lopez ,  Stephanie


Best Website, Fall 2010:

Winner: Emely Perez

Honorable mention: Keiko Nakayama ,  Anastasiya Kladova , Solomon Doley

Fidel Frias
SangMi Lim

Design Inspiration Sites

When starting a new design project, I always like to look around at what is happening on the cutting edge of web design.  On the edge you will find the use of the newest technologies. These designers experiment with the latest tools and techniques in graphics software. There you will find trends in aesthetics, branding and marketing.

Here are a list of a few sites I like to visit for web design inspiration:

Be sure to look at the logos, typeface, colors, and formatting of the ones you like. Distinguish between Flash and CSS sites. Watch for animation, interactivity, and functionality. View/Page Source and try to figure out how it’s built. Happy designing!