This Week’s Online Mobile Web Class

This week, Thursday runs as a Tuesday schedule. I will be at a conference, and it will be an online class. You can do this assignment anytime before our next class on Tuesday, February 19.
The tasks for this week will be as follows:
I’ve uploaded a video of Jonathan Stark’s presentation in Montreal in 2010. You can also find the video in 3 parts on YouTube titled: Jonathan Stark keynote at Web-in Montreal 2010 (part 1 of 3).
Watch the video(s). Be prepared to discuss the following in the next class:

  • What has changed in the mobile landscape since Mr. Stark first gave this presentation?
  • Describe his “fishbowl theory”
  • How realistic are his predictions about the direction in which mobile is going?
  • Now that we’re 3 years out from when he gave his presentation, what predictions can you make about where mobile is going?
  • What questions would you ask a client if they came to you asking for a mobile app? Speaking This Thurs


Do Something, the not-for-profit organization is coming this Thursday, September 22 at 6PM to speak to the Artbox Mobile App project team, and the Design for Mobile Devices students. Attendance is required.

They will be presenting their upcoming site redesign, talk about mobile microsites and a mobile app. They will also be discussing how they use social media to access twentysomethings and encourage them to get involved in interesting, socially-aware projects.

They will also be introducing some projects, and inviting our design students to participate.

Come with questions!!