This Week’s Online Mobile Web Class

This week, Thursday runs as a Tuesday schedule. I will be at a conference, and it will be an online class. You can do this assignment anytime before our next class on Tuesday, February 19.
The tasks for this week will be as follows:
I’ve uploaded a video of Jonathan Stark’s presentation in Montreal in 2010. You can also find the video in 3 parts on YouTube titled: Jonathan Stark keynote at Web-in Montreal 2010 (part 1 of 3).
Watch the video(s). Be prepared to discuss the following in the next class:

  • What has changed in the mobile landscape since Mr. Stark first gave this presentation?
  • Describe his “fishbowl theory”
  • How realistic are his predictions about the direction in which mobile is going?
  • Now that we’re 3 years out from when he gave his presentation, what predictions can you make about where mobile is going?
  • What questions would you ask a client if they came to you asking for a mobile app?


Reminder: Online Mobile Web Design Class This Week

This is a reminder to students of the Mobile Web Design (ADV4764) that this week’s class will be an online class. Watch for further instructions.

Also note, Tues (today) is a holiday, and Thursday follows a Tuesday schedule.

The online class can be done at your leisure, so you do not have to login in at a specific time. But the requirements for the online class must be executed before the next class (Tues, Feb 19).

Please stay tuned.

Next Mobile Class: Tues, February 5

There is still no word on whether we will be moving to a classroom with computers. I’m working on it. Plan on arriving to class in room G102a, and if we have moved, a note will be left on the door.
A Google Doc spreadsheet is being set up for each student to sign up for a mobile device they will present, and later, a website they will review. It will be first come, first served. I will access your email accounts via the feedburner subscription list. If that email is not set up as a Google account, set it up, or email me with your Google Account email.
There should be no repeats of mobile devices being presented, nor websites being reviewed. If you see a make/model you were planning on reviewing already taken, select another device. This goes the same for websites.

Google Account Required

As I mentioned in our first class of Design for Mobile Devices, each student should create a Google Account so that we may share documents throughout the semester.

The first document will be a spreadsheet for students to sign up a mobile device for presentation.

The second document will be a spreadsheet to indicate which desktop/mobile website you will be presenting.

There will be no duplication of brand/models or websites. Sign up will be first come, first served.

I will be sharing the spreadsheet in our class tonight.