Mobile Viewport Attributes

Attribute Possible values Description
width Integer value (in pixels) or constant device-width Defines the viewport width
Height Integer value (in pixels) or constant device-height Defines the viewport height
initial-scale Floating value (0.1 to n); 1.0 is no scale Defines the initial zoom scale of the viewport
user-scalable no or yes Defines whether we will allow the user to zoom in and out in the viewport
minimum-scale Floating value (0.1 to n). 1.0 is no scale Defines the minimum zoom scale of the viewport
maximum-scale Floating value (0.1 to n). 1.0 is no scale Defines the maximum zoom scale of the viewport


Tag types Tags available
Structure body, head, html, title
Text abbr, acronym, address, blockquote, br, cite, code, dfn, div, em, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, kbd, p, pre, q, samp, span, strong, var
Links a
Presentation b, big, hr, i, small
Stylesheet style
Lists dl, dt, dd, ol, ul, li
Forms form, input, label, select, option, textarea, fieldset, optgroup
Basic tables caption, table, td, th, tr
Other img, object, param, meta, link, base, script, noscript

Chinese Advertising Lecture

All students and faculty are cordially invited to attend a unique lecture given by representatives of the
Chinese Advertising Association on Chinese Advertising to be given at the New York City College of Technology;
6:00 p.m., on Monday, February 28th in the Grace Gallery. Seating will be limited.
Please share this invitation with your students!

Mobile Device Presentations

Student Device
Daniel Alfonzo Samsung Intercept (Android)
Julie Fung BlackBerry Torch 9800
Syeda Haque Moto Blur
Anand Jaikaransingh iPhone 3GS
Kin Lam Galaxy S
Raju Maharjan Samsung SGH
Denzil Rowe HTC Evo
Irina Sivatskaya PSP Go
Erika Soto BlackBerry Torch 9800
Erin Ortiz Kyocera Echo (Android)
Shu Laing Aw iPhone 3G

Design for Mobile Devices

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