ADV3551: Tues Morning Web Design Students

Unfortunately due to the holiday schedule I won’t be meeting with the Tuesday morning ADV3551 again this week.

For those who are looking to take advantage of this break and stay ahead of things, the next homework assignment will be the following:

  • A site map diagram that shows the architecture of your site. This diagram will also help you to determine what your navigation will be.
  • Wireframes for your homepage, and any/all layouts used throughout your site. This should be simple outlined boxes with labels for what each box will contain.
  • Keyword list. This should consist of both words and phrases that your site will be about. Think about each page on your site, and begin a list of terms. You keyword/phrase (bulleted) list should be at least full page in length (single spaced).
  • Finalized designs. You should definitely continue to be working on the branding and design of your site. This extra time away should help you to solidify how things look.

Feel free to email me additional design versions and improvements by Tues so that I might give you additional feedback.

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