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Geeky By Nature is 2 days of Design, Art, and Code for Digital Designers and Developers. One of the organizers at SVA, Richard Shupe, generously invited CityTech design students and faculty to attend this event free of charge! It is an incredible opportunity for us, and an example of how wonderful it is to be studying graphic design in New York City.

To make sure none of my students miss this opportunity, I have registered you all in advance for the conference. Please review the schedule, and the speaker biographies. We will discuss the possibility of everyone’s attendance in our next class.

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  1. The three lectures I attended on Friday, started at 2p w/ Alan Klement, 3:15p w/ Eddie Opara and 4:30p Robert Hodgin. The most interesting one was Robert Hodgin. He knew how to capture his audience. His tone and mannerism was superb. He showed us things he like nothing particular. Just in general. But, he held my attention and that was good. Thank you again for inviting me.

  2. I attended the Geeky by Nature lecture on Friday April 1, 2011. I viewed two speakers one by the name of Eddie Opara & another named Robert Hodgin. Both show cased previous, and on going work in their field.

    Eddie Opara discussed building a source that communicates all around the world. While Robert Hodgin focused on discovering new things that inspire him.

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