Class Participation ADV3650: Affiliate Programs

What affiliate programs have you found, and are planning to use on your final class project?  Please give details about the program, the requirements, offerings, and a short description of your approach to implementing the advertising campaign on your website.

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  1. Two of the major sections on my website is Food (where i have recipes0 and Music(where i explain the different kinds of music found in Jamaica and hopefully samples of each)

    It is on these pages i plan implement the affiliate programs. On the recipe pages I plan on an affiliate program that I found at There people would be able to find sauces and spices.

    Another affiliate program i found was at and i plan to implement that on music pages. I am still contemplating whether or not i should have an affiliate program on every page of my Website. I if i do decide that then i will also use affiliate progams found at and

    The details for each affiliate program are the same, you sign up and then given a html code to add to your page. The rewards are slightly different though for example pays 5% of all traffic you drive to their site and makes a purchase, cduniverse pays 6%.

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