Class Participation: What sites do you visit daily, and why?

Tell us what sites you visit regularly.  Copy and paste the urls into the comments section of this post, and explain why the sites attract you, and make you stay on them. Don’t forget to identify yourself.

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    Listed abovce are just a few of the sites I enjoy visiting. I vist them maybe three or four times a day. I am sure I check them more than I check my email.

    I am attracted to facebook because of its simplicity and the ability it has to connect me to my friends back home in Jamaica. I am strong believer in “less is better” so it keeps me drawn it to instead of pusing me to myspace, which is a little bit more loose and allow for way more creativity. Creativity in which I think people abuse, but thats just me.

    Gizmodo is basically a blog website and I check this site regularly to keep up with the next best piece of electronics that comes on the market. Whether it is a rumor of Apple products coming out, review of electronics or a comparison between two products, Gizmodo always seems to be at the front of it all.

    Yardflex is also a blog website and I go to this website because it keeps me updated about the happenings in Jamaica. it brings news, entertainment and gossip while allowing me to be able to blog my reactions, as I am doing now.

    All in all, All the websitess share the characteristic of being very simple yet serving a very distinct function, whether it be sharing news and entertainment, connecting you to your friends or smashing rumors. Each are successful in making me return because they give me what I want when I want it.

    Name: Chinoy Edwards


    Above is just a few of the many sites that I visit daily. Many people know Yahoo as a search engine but I find it as an easy site to be up to date with the popular news around the world. The section that I view is the main page with the latest news ranging from local to world events, entertainment, and of course their blogs section.

    IGN is a gaming website that is dedicated to news for video gaming. I go there to read up on previews and reviews and I think its a great source to get the latest news on all things gaming. is a forum site but the site provides news on the ipod touch/iphone. its a great site for discussions. You can find user’s reviews on applications and games for the touch/iphone.

    Cnet is a technology website that has the latest news/previews/reviews on the latest gadgets whether it be computers, laptops, lcd tvs or players. its a great site to keep up to date on the latest technology available.

    I visit google mail probably 5-10 times a day everyday to check my emails.

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