Different Options For Implementing Lightboxes

If you have a selection of images you want to present as a thumbnail gallery you have a number of options. I’m going to show two of them here. One is the solution that’s built into WordPress, another is based on a wonderful Javascript library called Script.aculo.us.

The pics are from when we went down to our dog’s breeder to choose her and bring her back to NYC. The breeder is Pacific Hounds in Bridgewater, TX (north of Fort Worth) they mostly have harriers and beagles though they also have some foxhounds (both American and English) as well as a considerable number of bloodhounds which they run under their other business name HHP Bloodhounds.

First the gallery feature built into WordPress 2.6…

Notice that when you click on the images you’re taken to another page that just has a larger version of the image on it, and then when you click on the larger image you get the full size image.

Now lets try a nicer option from HuddleTogether.com (which is based on Script.aculo.us, follow the Huddle Together link for full instructions and downloads).