Kionic Web Design Awards: Fall 2010

In preparation for the new semester which is just around the corner, I want to present the winners of last semester’s Kionic Web Design Awards, Fall 2010.  Thanks to: Maria Giuliani, Genevieve Hitchings, Michelle Barfoot, Nina Young, Libby Clarke, Louisa McCabe, Nicole Rose, for carefully reviewing the websites.

And a special thanks to Jayme and Chris Marks at Kionic for their continued support of the awards and the students during the semester.

Most Promising New Web Designer, Fall 2010

Winner: Fernando Dorado

Honorable mentions: Alfredo Lopez ,  Stephanie


Best Website, Fall 2010:

Winner: Emely Perez

Honorable mention: Keiko Nakayama ,  Anastasiya Kladova , Solomon Doley

Fidel Frias
SangMi Lim

Writing Assignment 3

Begin writing copy for your website. Put your top
five keywords or phrases in bold. Also, put the synonyms you found
during your research and added to your content in bold. How
effective do you think these words are at communicating the concept
of your website?

Logo Designs From Recent Students

It is always a good idea to look at other good design when starting a new project. It’s a great way to get the creative juices flowing, and get inspired. I like to look at designs far afield, and see how new trends might be integrated into current projects.
Below are some very excellent logo designs done by recent students of ADV3650.

  • David Alvarez
    a lifestyle site
  • Carol Arango
    a spa site
  • Denzil Rowe
    a design site
  • Fareeza Ali
    a fan site
  • Hyun Hahn
    a character site
  • Intan Saimona
    a dog breed site
  • Natasha Marcano
    a music site
  • Kaman Leung
    a food site
  • Magdalena Kacicka
    a design site
  • Erika Soto
    a dessert site
  • Juan Campos
    a photography site