Class Activities for Feb 25, 2019

Activities and reading assignment for Monday, February 25, 2019. Please complete all activities by March 4, 2019.

  1. Each student should create an email account using the domain name of their project website. It is allowed and recommended that students maintain personal privacy using either a pseudonym or not their full names.
  2. Please read all Privacy Policies and other Terms of Service documentation offered by all social media websites/apps/platforms when signing up and using them.
  3. Each student will create an individual profile on Facebook using the email address for their project website. To avoid having Facebook deem your new profile spammy, it would be good to make friends with some of your existing friends or your existing personal profile on Facebook.
  4. Each team will create one (1) Facebook Page for the team project website. This is separate from individual profiles. You should make every team member an administrator of the Facebook Page, as some students may become blocked or banned during the semester, and multiple admins will ensure access to the Facebook Page.
  5. Each team will create at least one (1) Twitter account for the team project. Every student will tweet regularly throughout the semester, so every student should have access to the team Twitter account.
  6. A third social media website will be required for the project. This can be any appropriate social media website. Examples include, but are not limited to, YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others. Since Instagram is a Facebook product, it is not considered a third social media website, although it is highly encouraged to use and integrate this app/website in their marketing efforts.
  7. Each student will compose and publish 2 blogposts before the next class meeting. So if there are 4 students on a team, the website will have 8 blogposts published before the next class meeting. Blogposts should contain original ideas and content reflecting the website’s topic.
  8. Be prepared to present group and individual websites, and the above work during the next class. If there are any questions, please first discuss them with your team members. If you still have questions please email me at the HOMEWORK email address or my CityTech email address.

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