ADV3551 Online Class for Thurs Sept 10

You should have received an email notifying you that I have shared a Google Drive Folder. In that folder there are 3 documents:

  1. A spreadsheet with your name, and 3 other students names beside yours. These are the students whose work you should be reviewing. Instructions for the review are found on the document named “Review Assignment”
  2. A document named “Review Assignment”. Follow the instructions. This is the work that we would be doing in class. I will review the quality of input you give to the other students. This work is due Sunday, Sept 14.
  3. A document named “Week 2 Homework” is a reminder of the homework assignment for this week. This homework is due on Thursday, Sept 18.

Please email me with questions or if you have difficulty accessing the folder.

Some students have not yet emailed me their homework from last week (Description of major project topic, 3 available domain name options.) Please email it to me right away.

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